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"It's our mission to take shaving back to its roots."

Shaving has become a mundane routine of mass-market products promoted by celebrity athletes and over-complicated engineering. Our website was born out of a love for traditional shaving, using products made with craftsmanship and passion: products not designed to maximise profits, but to truly enhance user experience and shaving pleasure.

At Smooth & Groomed, it's our mission to take shaving back to its roots; back to razor blades that cost pennies, back to soaps, creams and shaving brushes that produce maximum comfort; and above all, back to razors that exude quality and reflect true character.

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At Smooth & Groomed, we understand the importance of quality, in every part of our operations. We don’t want to simply satisfy our customers - we want to delight them! So whether you're browsing our website or speaking to a member of our dedicated team, you'll receive a first class service. Feedback from our customers is critical to our customer service - so get in touch if there's anything at all that we could be doing better.

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