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Our Values

Welcome to the Smooth & Groomed shop. We choose our razors and shaving equipment based on three key principals; costcomfort and character.

Firstly, shaving shouldn't cost the earth! It's an activity most guys have to do every day for the rest of their lives, that's why we only stock razors that last a lifetime and blades that cost mere pennies.

Secondly, shaving should be about pure comfort and enjoyment. That's why we've only picked the products that we know your skin will love.

Finally, shaving should be character building. It's a ritual men have engaged in throughout the history of mankind. With our traditional razors, you can shave the way your grandfather - and his fathers before him - did. Shaving shouldn't be a chore, fulfilled by cheap, plastic, mass-produced junk. It should have soul and make a statement. You can be proud to have our razors displayed on your bathroom shelf. 

The most basic and fundamental of our values is our focus on cost. Our products should always reflect exceptional value, each product serving as an intrinsic investment with measurable benefits for our customers.


The user experience is paramount to our focus on comfort. When using our products, our customers should find the process luxurious, enjoyable and relaxing. Our aim is to take a mundane task - often regarded as a ‘chore’ - and convert the experience into something that our customers will relish and look forward to on a daily basis.


At Smooth & Groomed we foster and cherish refined style for the aspiring gent. Character, and integrity of character, is a timeless and aspirational trait. A man’s character is what distinguishes him from the crowd, leading to success in both personal and professional relationships. We want to source and sell products that promote personal character in order to inspire confidence and well-being for our customers.


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