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Despite decades of so-called ‘innovation’ in men’s razors, most modern males are still trying to find the perfect shave. Shopping for razors has become a maze of celebrity endorsements and multi-million pound marketing campaigns.

The time has come for change. The method of traditional shaving with a double edge safety razor is making a return; and its rewards are plain to see. This page will discuss the three finest benefits of traditional shaving…


Traditional Shaving...

Cost Comfort & Character

Okay, so what describes the perfect shave?

Low CostHigh ComfortMaximum Character
Achieving a quality shave shouldn’t cost you the earth. After all, for most men, shaving is a daily routine. Once you've invested in the essentials - razor, brush and soap - traditional shaving is very economical. Unlike the modern, multi-blade cartridges which can cost you upwards of £3 a piece, double-edged razor blades are as little as 40 pence. And unlike plastic razors, the double edge razor is an investment that will last you years.        A traditional shave is the ultimate indulgence. A pre-shave oil nourishes the skin and creates a protective layer. A high quality shaving cream, applied with a traditional badger-hair brush, softens and lifts hairs to perfectly position them. A fine double edge safety razor then cleanly slices the hairs, with no pulling or tugging. And for the perfect ending, a gentle after-shave or lotion soothes, purifies and rejuvenates your skin.             
A traditional shave does more than just remove facial hair; it builds character. Traditional shaving is an investment in your wellbeing and self-esteem, returning an experience that cannot equate to a monetary value. It engages you in a gentleman’s tradition that dates back centuries. Premium razors and high-end brushes are timeless classics that produce unrivalled personal luxury and leaves you with a Smooth & Groomed demeanour - inside and out!

The Real Cost of Shaving

Our cost calculator shows how much you can save

From the numbers shown in the table above, it is obvious that the initial investment required for traditional shaving is significantly higher than for ordinary cartridge razors bought from the supermarket. In addition to the high quality double edge safety razor (our razors start at £23), its important to also invest in a soft, luxurious shaving brush; both are significant up-front costs. Likewise, any chemical-ridden, mass produced shave gel will be far cheaper than our true traditional shaving cream.

However, within the space of one year that full investment has fully paid off. A year’s supply of cartridge razor blade refills are far more pricey than the double-edge (DE) razor blades. A typical pack of 4 cartridge razor blades can typically cost you £12.00 – That’s £3.00 per blade. So for the same price as 1 cartridge razor blade, you can buy 7 DE blades. It’s easy to see how switching to a traditional safety razor can start to save you money. As for the supermarket shaving gel, these don’t last very long and need regular replacement. Our equivalent traditional shaving cream will last far longer as its natural ingredients produce a thick, luxurious lather from far less volume. So again it's easy to save in the long run.


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True Comfort

Nothing compares to the comfort of a traditional shave. Shaving with a traditional double edge safety razor, a badger hair brush - and luxurious shaving soaps and creams - transforms the mundane ‘chore’ of the daily shave into a relaxing escape. It quite literally turns a male routine into a masculine ritual.

The main reason that many modern gentlemen are returning to traditional shaving is to achieve a closer, comfier shave and to avoid the common problems associated with modern razors; razor burn, ingrown hairs, redness and razor bumps. Modern razors are often the cause of these skin problems due to their use of multi-blade cartridges. These cartridges bunch several blades close together, leaving a very small space between each cutting edge. As a result, the razor cannot cleanly cut the hairs without regularly clogging during the shave. This means that the razor requires further passes over the skin, catching and pulling on stubble, and ending in unnecessary irritation.

By contrast, the double edge safety razor works by only having one cutting edge in contact with the skin at any one time. Without the complication of additional blades, the single cutting edge is able to cleanly track across the skin, avoiding any pulling or tugging of the stubble. This single-blade cutting action combines perfectly with the luxury of a badger hair shaving brush, and the rich and foamy lather of traditional creams and soaps, to create a perfect shaving experience.


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Pure Character

Low cost, high comfort shaving is essential for the modern man. But at Smooth & Groomed, we believe that traditional Shaving offers something more, something that cannot be quantified by maths and science. Of course, we’re talking about character. Shaving with a double edge safety razor means that, not only will you look your best; you feel your best too. Nothing compares to starting the morning with an excellent shave. It leaves you looking clean, smelling fresh and feeling professional.

What makes this method of traditional shaving so enjoyable is the personal freedom you have to choose your shaving tools – the premium razors and high-end brushes. They’re an investment. And, unlike the over-engineered plastic razors found on supermarket shelves, the double edge razor is timeless. Your razor and brush become an extension of your personal style. They’ll never become out-dated by the latest marketing fad or by battery-operated, rotating, vibrating head machines with lubricating strips. Your shaving tools will be refined, understated and sophisticated.

Double edge razors are made from weighty, high quality metals and finished beautifully in chrome plating. Badger hair brushes are handmade from the finest materials, fitted with over 14000 hairs and weighted precisely to reflect true quality. The oils, soaps and creams are made from natural minerals and ingredients, perfected to achieve the richest, most velvety lather. All of these elements combine to produce a shaving experience that has immeasurable benefits to your health, your relationships, your happiness, your self-esteem and, above all, your character.

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